Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sneak Peak...

Little Baby A is 5 months old now. Cannot believe how quickly time has past us by. He had his first solids this week too! WHAAAT?  I know, crazy! It feel just like yesterday that I was leaving for the hospital. Loved my birth! Is it strange saying that? The below photo definitely captures the feeling of the moment and actually my birthing journey with Little A.  In this photo, I was in labour and we were about to leave for the hospital. Let the fun begin!

Now that little A is well settled in, one of my favourite parts of his development is watching his little personality coming to life. He is such a happy little guy. We have really been blessed with another chilled out baby. How lucky are we. So in the quiet reflective moments of feeding at 3am, I think over what I can do to make his room feel a little more him. As a result, I have been piecing together different ideas for a few months now. Below is a sneak peak. I am super excited to finish it and get it up on here to show you.  Just have to make a few finishing touches.

I am actually planning on doing a full post of both the boys rooms soon.  Little man's room was completed before we brought little A home to give him time to get used to his 'big boy room'. Thankfully he made the transition really well. He loves his room. I love his room.  So keep your eye out, post coming soon.

I am also excited about a new post series I will be doing. As having children can often change our world, I am interested to see how people's homes have also adjusted. This new series is called "Living with Kids".  Coming soon.

Sneak peak into Little A's room below.

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