Thursday, 24 October 2013

Interior Designer // Justine Hugh-Jones

I might be a bit slow off the mark but I was introduced to Justine Hugh-Jones only recently. I missed her introduction in Est. Mag, as I was lost in newborn land but I found her thanks to a fab blog I follow, Paddo to Palmy.  Heidi has just finished renovating her terrace in Paddington and started a blog to follow the journey. The finished terrace is most certainly amazeballs!  She has also opened an online store selling stunning pieces hand picked from Morocco AND she was featured in this months Real Living Mag. Busy lady! Make sure you check her blog out.

So, back to Justine Hugh-Jones. She is based in Mosman, Sydney and her work is droooool worthy. She was also the winner of the 2013 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Readers Choice Award and looking at some of her work, it is not hard to see why - it simply sings.

One particular house just round the corner from me in Clareville. Below are some images for your viewing pleasure. For more eye candy, check out her website here.

Light, textures, muted colours with subtle pops of colour. A real party of worldly designs, designers and artworks. Just gorgeous. That is one thing I really like about her; she makes up her own rules.

Amazing right. Simple and soo restrained! Most of the houses along the beach front at Clareville are holiday homes, not sure if this one is. One thing is quite obvious, they most certainly don't have kids at home!

Oh to have this kind of budget for the cottage!

On a final note, it is my birthday today! Yay! Happy Birthday to me!  We are heading down the south coast to my families holiday house for a long weekend. Cannot wait to get away. Will be the first trip to the house for little A. Can't wait to get into that water and have a paddle in the warmth of the shallows with he boys.

Happy Thursday.


  1. oh dear... Take me away to any of these places!!!! x

  2. Yes please. Perhaps we can just sit out front and pretend we live there!! ha ha!


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