Monday, 21 October 2013

Dressing my Christmas Day Table

What is Christmas like at your house?  My family always had the entire extended family, some 20 odd people over for a massive hot lunch which rolled onto afternoon activities, which rolled onto dinner.  Always a good day, crazy but fun. Each year the hosting family was also rotated, so the table dressing and clean house pressure wasn't always on the same family. The table dressing was always my favourite part. Weeks before Christmas, if it was my family's turn, long discussions would be had about that years colour and theme.  This would also run into the tree decorations too. So much fun.

Well, now that I have my own house, we have thrown our hat into the hosting ring so I have been busily searching for table inspiration. Thankfully I wont be having the 20 people, as nowadays, with everyone having their own family, that 20 of my childhood is more like 40.  My poor little cottage would get trampled! Time has come to break away.

SO the fun journey of pulling together my first Christmas has begun. We always had a hot lunch (think roast turkey, roast pork, ham, roast chicken and all the sides). Hot lunch on a sticking hot day? Sounds crazy doesn't it. It's not like my family just got off the ship from the UK and were used to a cold Christmas. Nope, we just had a hot lunch because we always had. Old habits die hard I guess. So playing host, we will be changing up the menu too. I am sure that some of the oldies will hate it and will openly object, alas, this year will be different.

I am also thinking that seeing we don't have a pool to entertain everyone nor to help lunch go down, we are going to have to have some games. Am thinking apple dunking, sack races, ring toss.... kinda like a mini Olympics.  Kimbo, if you are reading, I will have to get some game ideas from you from your street party please. We will also clearly then have to have a score board and present the winner with a prize at dinner. Clearly.

Now I know it is October, but soon it will be November, which means that December is right around the corner. Ekk!! I also have 2 kiddlets at home, so yes I am trying to be organised!

What I have found so far is nothing less than gorgeous. What I am going for is a balance between Australian and old world charm /rustic. The below perhaps lends itself to a more traditional lunch, but why follow the rules right!

My menu is likely is going to be less traditional (have to have a ham though - check out that ham stand below! How can I possibly resist?), but most certainly Australian.

What do you usually do Christmas day? Do you have any menu ideas for me? Game ideas?  I would love to hear.

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As a side note, do you know Kara Rosenlund? She is responsible for image 2, 3 & 4.  I love her vintage, uniquely Australian naturalist style.  She is a stylist, props buyer, ex-photographer and vintage wares retailer that she sells out of her black 1950's caravan called Frankie. She has a real knack for pieceing together beautiful vignettes that simply blow my mind - oh to have that skill (Avignette is simply a crafted and well planned display of items... I have just learnt this myself, thanks Instagram!).  Her home makes me want to throw out all the colour in my house, start over and replace with linens and white! Check out her website here. A feast for the eyes.


  1. Thanks for the great post Amber! We're holding Christmas this year for the first time ever in our new little house... so great to get your blogpost today to give me some inspiration to start planning!:)

  2. Oh Kris, that is so exciting. New house, new traditions. How fun! If you find some other great ideas, send em my way! :o) xx

  3. Amazing!!! You are a star... We are yet to even put up our own Christmas tree yet we have never been at home for Christmas and the master Andrew thinks its a waste and clutter?!?! Ba hum bug to him!


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