Sunday, 13 October 2013

Be still my beating heart...

You know when you meet someone new but not in a profession setting, what that person does for a living is not always the first thing you talk about, especially when you have other things in common like new babies. So you can imagine my absolute delight when a mother from my mothers group apologised for what she called a 'shameless plug', and introduced us all to her beautiful business - Glasslands.

Boy of boy, what a beautiful sight!  You know that feeling when your heart literally stops...? Well, yep.
I have always loved indoor plants and terrariums never fail to blow me away. Terrariums are like little lost worlds beautifully captured and encased in glass.  A bit of an Alice in Wonderland - the ginormous Alice looking into a world that is beautifully formed and holds the potential for great adventure, if only she was small enough.

Glasslands create what they call "living landscapes in glass". There are terrariums and sooo much more. Just gorgeous. They are a local business run by the incredibly talented and gorgeous Fiona. Below are some of my favourites.  There are loads more imagery on the Glasslands websiteFacebook and Instagram.

I love love love the Gift Pack for Kids (the very first photo above). Can you imagine this in a little person's room! They do a little crocodile too. How amazing. I think I may have just found the finishing touch for Little A's room. Yay!


  1. AMAZING!!!! I think at least one of these beauties will need to find a home in my place very soon! xo

  2. I know right! Isn't she clever! Really hard to kill too, which will be helpful at my place! ha!


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