Monday, 4 November 2013

The week that was

It was my birthday last week and we got out of Sydney for a few days.  My folks have a holiday house down the south coast that they bought with clam shells some 30 years ago. Is a great spot with long warm shallows to laze around in, often on a floating device and a chilled beverage of the alcoholic kind. As it had been so long since we had been there, all I wanted was to crack out the cossie, get in that water and get some sun on my skin. Do you think that mr weatherman listened to my private prayers? Nope he didn't. If he could have just turned off the chill in the light wind, that would have been great. Oh well. My skin and sanity will have to wait till Christmas.

We also have another little celebration to announce. My not even 6 month old has 3 teeth!  What the? I know!  He cut his third tooth, a front tooth on Halloween. Poor little mite.

So the below is a snapshot of our time recently.

1// The trip to the south coast took some 6 hours. A trip that would usually take 3. We had multiple feeding stops, both false alarms and real. I think my little one has found his limit in a car seat - 1 hour. Not helpful really. Alas, Berry was on the cards for a stop.  Why Berry? Why, because it has the best darn donuts in the whole world!  A coffee from the Berry Sourdough Bakery and donuts from the Famous Berry Donut Van. Birthday perfection.

2// The beach front at our holiday house. Little man had such a lovely time exploring; poking sticks at hermit crabs and jelly fish. Ah the simple things.

3// So if the wind picks up at our place, we head across the way to Murrays Beach. It sits on the southern end of Jervis Bay. Gorgeous part of the world. I went there in jeans and a cardi. The boys stripped off and went swimming. It was freeeezing. Boys!

4// Birthday pressie from the beautiful Cass at Live it, Do it. Such a gorgeous girl. She and her beautiful bevie of kids were able to drop in for a night while we were away. So it appears I have officially been inducted into the Northern Beaches community. I now have my own pair of Saltwater Sandals! Thanks Cass. So ugly they are nice right! x

5// Oh this little guy breaks my heart every single day. He is such a lover. So happy... except of course when teething. On this day, we found a new tooth. He was sad and sore and so very tired but I had to capture it.

Hope you are having a nice week.

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