Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hello world!

This is my very first post on my very new blog.  I meet the challenge with a collection of feelings; shaking in my boots excitement, nervousness but also a touch of hesitation. Why hesitation? I guess as I am neither a professional writer nor ever been published (except if you count in store promotions in Woolies?), but throwing caution to the wind, here goes!  

So what is Ronnie Jones?  I guess I start this story at the beginning.  
After uni I went overseas for 12 months, living the life in London and travelling as much as I could. When I came home I did a lot of soul searching and realised that I wanted to start my own homewares brand.  I actually remember the exact moment it hit me. I was walking along Casuarina Beach, Kingscliff in the beautiful sunshine with all my wonderful thoughts/dreams/ideas flowing around me.  I was starting over, I could do anything!  Fast forward 5 years, my idea gained a name and I actually got the courage to do it.  Ronnie Jones was born.
So last year I was working in marketing for a large international advertising agency. I was working some pretty crazy hours and low and behold, I fell pregnant - surprising as I always thought you had to spend time with your loved one to create a baby!  ANYWAY, that was it.  That was the extra push I needed.  So, I resigned from my job (with massive support from my boss, for which I will always be grateful) and officially started Ronnie Jones.  
Ronnie Jones products, made it's presence known in Manly Markets in Spring, last year - baby belly and all.  I sold fabulous cushions and ottomans all handmade from fabulous fabrics.  

This year, now with a beautiful little bub on my hip, I am really excited about the next stage. I am still working through my approach of getting back to work, but also taking Ronnie Jones forward.  Cushions are just the start!
With this blog, I hope to excite you with not only my beautiful products that you will be able to eventually purchase, but share what inspires me, what makes me smile in hope that it touches and inspires you too!  

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