Thursday, 30 June 2011

They don't make 'em like they used to!

Yesterday I went to visit my Nanna and Pop's house in Rockdale.  It is a 1930's bungalow, build entirely by my Pop. I had not seen it for about 25 years, so seeing it for the first time with adult eyes was an amazing experience. 

After being rented for 20 years, you would think that it would show some sign of neglect... well, it was in a state of disrepair before my very handy Dad got in there and gave it a little love (paint throughout and floor boards polished).  I have to tell you, it came up a treat - which goes to show that they simply do not make things like they used to!  

All original fittings throughout the house.  No dings or cracks to be found anywhere. Unbelievable!

My Pop designed this kitchen.  He designed a spinning corner cupboard before there were stores such as Ikea or Freedom offering such clever designs.  Customised tea towel rack hidden in a cupboard above the range hood, so the heat from the stove top dries them - genius!  Potato draw that drops forward, so there is no need to dig around under a bench hurting your back. Ceiling high cupboard space so Nanna would always have enough room - all of which are in perfect condition!  I walked around this house ooh and ahhing like I was at a museum. I also had a little lump in my throat.  This beautiful house is finally leaving the family.
Beyond the perfect condition of the house, there were the elements of the era that just blew my mind.

The tap in the bath. How have I lived without a fish mouth tap all these years?

The breadbox, where the milkman would deliver fresh milk and bread daily.

The front veranda.  Look at those tiles! Gorgeous... and even the old meter box got it's own glass cabinet. I don't know if all houses built in the 30's had these type of finishes, but seeing them yesterday I felt priviledged. You just don't see anything like it anymore.

With my little family growing bigger by the day, Mr English and I have started the search for our first real home - one with a backyard! After seeing this house yesterday, it really emphasises what rubbish is out there and what crazy prices people are asking. If this bungalow was on the northern beaches, it would fetch in the millions - it would have to, because what is currently selling for $900,000+ by comparisson, is rubbish!  Agreed that the art deco style might not be for everyone, but this old beauty puts a lot of them to shame. 

I wonder if we can vote on all the tradesmen of today are taught the old school skills, taught that you do it once and you do it well.  Clearly this is the mantra that my Pop lived by, for this house is an amazing testament to who he was and what he stood for.


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  1. Oh how beautiful. The Dadster did an unbelievable job fixing it up - a fitting thanks for the memories and an example of his own ethos - "always leave it better than you found it". Thanks for this Ambo.


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