Saturday, 17 September 2011

Busy busy worker bee!

I had a look at the last time I updated my blog and it was months ago!  So much has changed since last time I have written.  My little man is crawling and we have sold and bought a house!  Well, truth be told, it was actually the other way round!  We bought, then sold.  Talk about stressful and not something that I am wanting to do again any time soon.  Loads going on!
Yes - we have a house!  A diamond in the rough, that with a little love and a hell of a lot of attention, we will get it up and looking like it old self in no time!
It is an original weatherboard on the northern beaches.  It is really my dream house.... well, the house it has potential to be is.  So, I have been busying myself choosing floorboards, doors, carpets, weatherboard and paint!  I do have to say, this process is one that I have been dreaming about forever.  Renovating my own home... but I think the process has somewhat been tarnished by the stress of selling our unit.    So glad it is finally over!

My beautiful boys.

It is funny, in living in my unit for the past 3.5 years, we have actually completed quite a few DIY projects.  I have been busting to put up on this blog... I don't know why, but I almost want to wait to show you what it will look like in our real home, our house. Weird... I would have never of thought that had we not been looking for a house.  Our unit is awesome.... but it is not a house. I guess it is something fun to look forward to.

Another thing that I am busting to explore is the type of garden that will suit my little family and our new home.  I had so many ideas about what I thought I wanted, but now with the opportunity to actually do it, I am finding myself heading in a different direction.   Oh so much to think about.  Watch this space!


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