Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Modern Day Bohemian // Palm Beach

I have been been a fan of Sarah Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton of the Sass & Bide fame since their Paddington Market days when I was in high school. Uber cool and effortless style. Always surprising, always drool worthy. Their homes are no different. Beautifully filled with vintage and worldly finds.

Heidi lives up the road in Palm Beach - yes I have bumped into her at WW. No, I did not say hi! She actually has two homes in the area. One up on the hill in Palmy and a smaller cottage in Avalon. Both beautiful. According to her Instagram feed, she renovated the cottage with her mum. I had been watching it's makeover before I knew who owned it. Her insta feed gave a little tour - brilliant!

So the below are a few images of her Palmy abode as first seen here. Check out that Bathroom!

Some more from Heidi's own Insta feed.

I am first to admit that this house tour is not a new kid on the block. It was first featured a little while ago and I have had it bookmarked that long. I guess, as I grow and my taste changes with my lifestyle, different things appeal to me at different times. At this time, this house in all it's odd bod, pieced together tapestry of life, appeals. I hope you haven't seen it before and if you have, then I hope you enjoyed seeing it again. I find the more I look at pictures, the more I see.  It is like watching your favourite movie a thousand times... you keep watching it not because you want to watch the main story every time, but because you start seeing the story and characters behind the main story. All those little things that were missed first, maybe 10th time round. The details.  Afterall, it's all about the details right!?

So I hope Heidi's incredible talent inspires something for you today.

I will post the cottage another day.

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