Thursday, 19 September 2013

Project :: Wooden Step

Living among the gum trees, often there are tree loppers around the neighbourhood cutting down/pruning trees.  Being at home, I hear them often throughout the day, especially now it is Spring. A few weeks back our neighbours were the people making use of loppers services. *insert little happy dance* I heard them start work, but left them to their own devices for a little while. As soon as I heard that sound of the wood hitting the metal trailer, I was out there like a flash.  They were nice enough guys and as giving away a few stumps would actually reduce the weight of their load, they had no problem in losing a few. They were even kind enough to offer to cut some stumps to the exact height I was after, thanks fellas!

So what was my plan with these babies?  Well, to be honest I was going to use them in the yard as stepping stones for the boys up near the cubby (currently we have about 10 others sitting patiently waiting for the same role... it's on the list people!) But instead of getting the aborists to carry the stumps all around the back, I had them drop at the front so it wouldn't be so easy to forget about them, like we have the others. 

So ideas were tossed around for a little bit; seats for when we get the deck done, little coffee table for the deck... then I watched little man drag his yellow Ikea step ladder to the bathroom, I new what we had to do.

So here lies the evolution of a tree stump to a wooden step that gives a sweet little boy the leg up he needs!

Thank goodness for the skill of Mr English. Is there anything that man can't do?  I tell you!

If you are looking to take on a project like this one, here are some other bits that you should know:
a | The stool was left to dry for a few weeks in the garage before and after it was shaped
b | We used a belt sander to tidy up the edges and sides a little
c | We purchased some wood sealer from Bunnings so the stool would be suitable for a wet area
d | We also purchased some of those cute little felt feet that you have to hammer in. It means that the little man can drag this thing around without fear of scratching the new bathroom tiles!

Pretty cool uh!  We are pretty happy with the end result!

Hope your having a great week!

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